Best Apple TV apps for better Apple TV experience


Apple TV gives good package for its users where they can choose from varieties of apps for their Apple TV. You can choose from entertainment apps to games app once you complete Apple setup and spend your leisure time with your TV.

People’s TV viewing habit and way have changed. Now they prefer to stream their content in best quality from various sources and with the coming of chrome cast ,steaming devices came in boom. So to speed up their game Apple started taking its Apple TV device seriously. Apple decided to redesign and completely transform its TV platform in 2015 and this has resulted in increase in sales figures

Apple TV performance is hindered by its frustrating search capabilities and it also lacks good quality apps and games. However, Apple is working on those issues. Many news quality apps and games will be released in coming weeks as developers gets familiar with the new platform. After all this, Apple will be able to completely take over the market.

It’s not been a long time since Apple TV came out which means there are not many apps available for it as of now. This is a new platform so developers will take quite a while to get the feel of the device and then work according on the apps and also it’s going to take users a while to know what kind of apps they want on their device. Once these two things comes in harmony then Apple Tv will become the best platform for your living rooms.

However, there are over 1,000 apps available on the Apple TV App store but if I be honest some are really pointless. Here we have shortlisted two apps which are our favorite. Some of them are free and some are paid and for you convenience Apple TV support is there to guide you further.

1.Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System (£2.29)

It will be a treat for your little ones. This great educational app will let them explore the solar system with Astro cat in a very interactive manner. Here they are discover planets, moons, suns and spacecraft and the app also includes mini games and quizzes that will keep your children engaged and entertained. You can also try to spend some time with your little one and by solving the quiz together.

2.Suicide Squad: Special Ops (free)

It is an official game of the upcoming DC comics movie. It’s a first person shooter. You can play as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, or Diablo. Games takes you to the city where you have to locate health packs, ammo and survive against your enemies.

3.RISK: TV Edition (£1.79)

It is a global domination game which is more than a digital board game. You can choose from various game modes like Play Friends online, Single Player, and Pass & Play. It also lets you pay with 6 real people against intelligent AI. The graphics, animated avatars of the game are simply great. The game is also equipped with beautiful maps. The game is all about defending your territories, drafting troops and launching attacks against friends, family and enemies.

4.YogaGlo (free)

YogaGlo is an app that teaches you yoga and you can workout along with your TV. The app features over 3,000 classes which are available once you subscribe and become member. The length of the classes vary and you can choose the time duration as per for convenience.

5.Horror Hop (free)

This game will keep you engaged with its horrible landscape. Here you play with fifteen different emoticons and save characters from the trap and all you have to just sit back and enjoy the horror aura.

6. Subway Simulator 3D – Underground Drive (free)

This games puts you in the driving seat of the subway and you have to do everything like open and close doors for passengers, track your speed and use warning horn if necessary. Here you have to complete missions to unlock new trains and routes.

Check out other apps which are available your Apple TV :

Don’t Be Sushi! (free)

Slide the Shakes (free)

Kitchen Stories (free)

Jump & Rush – Jungle Fever (free)

Angry Birds Go! (free)

Mickey Video (free)

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling (free)

Snowboard Party 2 (£1.49)

Into the Dead (free)