As Chromecast Overshadows Android TV, Google Subtly Kills Its Nexus Player

Nexus Player

Google is not anywhere near to its project that focus on making a product for the living room, but its Nexus player has provided some breathing space to re-think and re-design.

Dead! That’s right! Google’s own set-top box is dead, again

The flash-drive look alike Nexus Player is not any longer offered available from Google, because The Verge initial reported. Many retailers haven’t equipped the product for past many months. Those who are keeping a count knows that this ill-omened Nexus Q, the Nexus Player was indeed the 3rd failed product by Google in the field of set-top box, followed by a run of expensive devices supercharged by the currently malfunctioned Google TV.

The device we all know as Nexus Player was initial launched in 2014. It was one of the primary gadgets that works on Android TV. At the time, we have a tendency to aforesaid the player was a “fine initial draft.” The soul of the device was pretty much there, but from the developers support point of view, the device lacked a lot. Since then, whereas robot TV has measly been blended into many sensible TVs and Nvidia’s fancy shield TV, the most effective option for Google to rule in the living room of the viewers rests upon Chromecast. For Chromecast help, the company has created a dedicated support center as well.

Chromecast is undoubtedly the most prosperous front room product by Google due to its simplified operation. Simply attach the device that comes under $50 into the rear USB port of your TV, send digital content to that from your smart phone or tablet, and begin viewing the shows and movies. It’s a great device that several individuals have grownup keen on. If you inquire from me, Chromecast or other discreet streaming sticks are much better choice than a smart TV, as these gadgets can be upgraded or replaced in a lot easier and affordable manner. Chromecast setup is also a lot easier to do, so there is no reason to not to consider Chromecast as the streaming device of your house.

Google Cast functionality is also supported by Android TV sets

The team of highly talented individuals who have developed Chromecast is attempting for an additional hit in the upcoming months with the Google Home smart speaker. With that product, Google will be competing with Amazon Echo. Google Home can embody Google’s new intelligent assistant, hook up with smart home gadgets, and stream audio via Google Cast.

Its influence on you at home: If you desperately want to have a Nexus Player, Google says a few units should still be offered from 3rd-party retailers. But, don’t consider large name retailers for product.