Apple TV Receives TV Everywhere Apps From NBC


TV everywhere apps from NBC are the next big thing which have reached on apple TV. While apple TV was already blooming with most polished and an accelerated market of PPV as well as live TV channels, NBC has also jumped on this bandwagon. Apple TV is the newest addition to the market of internet TV hardware. It has one of the most advanced and updated hardware. The best part about apple TV is how the hardware as well as app store is being updated regularly. That is why there are no compatibility issues and since apple is providing a well-established development kit, the apps on apple TV are much more stable and goal oriented than any other pre-established platform.

NBC is providing its now! Exclusive channels like Bravo Now, E! Now and SyFy Now as a major addition. These channels will be available in form on Now apps on Apple TV. There are some TV shows such as “Girlfriend’s guide to divorce” for Bravo Now which is a scripted TV series. This show will air on Bravo Now this fall season and is one of the most anticipated shows on the channel. Addition of Bravo Now on apple TV platform will not only benefit the consumers but largely NBC user base will expand.

Another channel, popularly known as E! Now has been added to the kitty of apple TV as well and The Royals is one of the most anticipated show on this channel. It will also start later this year and adding this channel ensures an upsurge in viewership of apple TV users.

To see these Now channels, you will need to authenticate pay from the Now pay TV providers. Apart from the content which you are getting on the channel, the best part is that you can see previous seasons of these shows too once you subscribe to these channels via apps on apple TV. It ensures that no previous link goes missing. Dina Juliano, consumer product strategy senior vice president announced it earlier yesterday.