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Apple TV And Roku Device Users Now Can Purchase VHX Content Directly From Vimeo’s VHS App

Vimeo’s own app VHS, which is a video renting and selling platform has added an “in app subscription” feature. This feature has been provided in Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Roku devices. Basically each device from Roku from Roku OS 6 and any apple device having iOS can run VHX app and go for in app purchase.

Not only local but foreign language programs are also offered using VHX platform on the basis of in app subscription on Vimeo’s app. For Roku devices, it is shown in Roku help section how to use and activate in app subscription and enabling child lock on it. Further, YouTube channels on these platforms such as Black&Sexy TV along with Yoga with Adriene are also available on in app purchase method. Now users will not have to call the operators or go online for purchasing these shows instead they can just enter their card details in the app and can purchase instantly.

For other devices running majorly on android, in app purchase feature is promised and is likely to come very soon. Vimeo had acquired VHX a few months back as seen on Roku com link and as statistics show, it has already added more than 1.5 million users and has done business worth $9 million from selling videos. Adding this in app purchase might not impact the service that much but market analysts think otherwise.

There is also a huge surcharge charged by Roku and Apple TV at a respective 20% and 30% of the price of the video along with a single 1$ charged on video price per month. This surcharge is going to be a barrier for those who are likely to migrate to in app purchases. Usability of this feature might be jeopardised because of the surcharge being counted. However, some discount in this direction can ease it up.

However, as market analysts suggest, users with in app purchases are more likely to take a free trial of the service rather than those without it. Further, there will be option available to sellers to offer variable trials to users with a flexibility to over a year. There is also a proposed addition of adding one click payment using apple pay or credit card to apple TV users. These are some technicae features as users claim.