Amazon Fire TV Upgraded To 5.2 Version With Alexa Features And Improvements


Amazon Fire TV is best media streaming device available in U.S. Now Amazon upgraded its Fire TV to Amazon Fire TV (second generation) 5.2 version with new and improved features. It comes with Fire TV stick with voice remote. It has more and easy functions than previous version.

Amazon introduced it with a unique feature named Alexa. After getting reviews from the users that they adore having the comfort of Alexa on their Amazon Fire TV," General Manager of Amazon Tim Twardahl expressed his views regarding upgraded version of Fire TV. the main concern for this update is to make people easier to use apps and enjoy movies.

Apps can be launched with voice command over Fire TV with Alexa feature. All nearby shops, restaurants, business and local search can be made with Alexa. You can check setting and updates online says Amazon.

This amazon version 5.2 comes with another unique feature with which you can restrict the TV shows and other movies based on their rating from the third party apps and videos. This parental control is a attractive feature for streaming devices. To enable this feature you need to go to setting tap to parental control then to restrictions.

Live TV streaming option is also available in this version. With this feature you can watch the live match or show on your subscribed channels when it will be telecasted.

Customers can now watch 4000 pixels high definition with high resolution videos with this latest update. You just need to have 4000 pixel resolution TV and YouTube app to watch this high definition video.

Amazon automatically checks for any software updates over Wi-Fi and install them. If it is not automatically downloaded then user can download or check it manually.

To see your current software version you can tap to setting and then go to (about) option in the further menu.

Customer is available with option of updating the software from the about option also. Here he /she needs to click on check for updates option then system will automatically start downloading it if available. Once the download is complete then the same will be install in your device by rebooting it or pressing install option displaying on a screen.