Amazon Fire TV Gets More Share In Market Along With Updates To Its Voice Assistant


Amazon fire TV has been around from a long time and so is its share increasing with time. As Roku still is the most sold and most used internet TV hardware among 35% or 35 million of the broadband users, amazon has increased its share from 16% last year to 22% this year. Share of Chromecast Devices in this matter, by google, has fallen to a 22% from last year’s 23%.

Since amazon is launching more of its fire TV line ups, its sales were on an upsurge. However, its sales boosted more, thanks to Alexa’s integration in its voice input methods. Earlier voice input was a basic one way channel where a user would simply say something and PC remote would send that query to the TV box and respective action would occur by converting the query by natural language processing algorithm.

As every smart TV box manufacturer was using it, going for small leaps in this direction was nothing much instead amazon integrated Alexa in their fire TVs. Now, not only the users will be able to dictate their commands to TV in a more complex natural language, they will be able to do what they are doing with Echo and amazon echo devices having Alexa.

Natural language Alexa recipes will also work with Fire TV Alexa and it will result in more integration of TV into a smart home. Users of amazon fire TV as well as fire TV stick will get Alexa as well as future recipe updates for it. Integrating Alexa of amazon echo and fire TV with each other is one of some of the plans of near future in pipeline by amazon.

Amazon has launched its prime service for both fire TV owners and for those who solely use prime. With prime you not only get discounts and offers, prime also offers a variety of content in advance and for free. Amazon prime, amazon Alexa and all of amazon features are soon going to be integrated as Alexa is introduced in all of them. Amazon is aiming at getting a bigger share of market by the end of this year.