Amazon Echo Found Its Competition In New Apple TV


Amazon echo has taken over your living room easier than any other devices. It has so much functionality that everyone is buying one or dreaming of getting one someday. Apple, however has come into the same field planning to spoil the party for amazon. Not only apple is planning to upgrade hardware of next generation of Apple TV for query processing, it is planning to provide software update in existing hardware for amazon echo like service.

Amazon echo had come as a Bluetooth speaker and some voice assistant features to be used in your living room as a sort of query processor. Later, as the developers fiddled into it and understood the use of IFTTT in this device, more and more “recipes” started to be building up for amazon echo and as a resultant, it has taken up the house controls and has become a sort of hub for controlling the whole home.

The problem is, there is not much first party support from amazon but rather a third party support from developers fiddling around. Apple is trying to use its remote for query input to apple TV since it has a mic built in. this might come with a software update soon enough and apple is planning to replace Alexa with Siri in house hold. Siri is present in apple TV now and it has to be integrated with query processing for this to work.

There were various options open to apple for doing this. They can make apple TV receiver a voice receiver device, or they can make an Echo like speaker but that would mean more investment and Apple has already done investment in their TV project. So instead of going for them, apple has chosen apple TV remote as a voice receiver and apple TV as a processor. There are various issues with it. First of all, apple TV remote needs to be charged, a lot.

It needs to be charged via a lightening connector and this might need an extra battery pack for a long time. Apple is trying to compete with Google which is out with its google home and amazon which has already launched Echo. Apple already had plans for apple TV to be hub of everything in home but now with inception of Echo, they have to rush through everything.

There has not been any official word from Apple but it is assumed by the data provided by The Information. Apple TV has been here long before Amazon Echo.