Google Chromecast

All The Apps That You Can Try Out With Your Google Chromecast.

If you owe a Google Chromecast on your side, then there are a bunch of many apps which you can have on your Google Chromecast.

All Chromecast users, How your streaming is going with your streaming device? Being one of the supreme products of Google, the streaming device has gained the position of one of the top class streaming device in the market. With the lineup of astonishing features and services, the streaming device has also been the prime choice for all the users out there.

With the increasing level of highly competitive technology and market, Google’s streaming device is now getting the cut-throat competition from the top competitors Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, and Roku. Still, the tech giant has also got involved in the upgrading of its streaming device with the exclusive lineup of features to better the performance and user experience.

In the lineup of all the features, the best thing about the streaming device is that it gives the ability to stream all your favorite content directly on your TV screen with the Google supported services. Well, there is no doubt that you must have been streaming your content online in a fine way. But, there are also many apps which you can enhance your streaming experience in a much better way.

Check out the list of all those apps.

  1. Netflix- If you are a TV or a movie junkie, then Netflix Tv is the perfect entertaining partner which you can have on your Chromecast. The dynamite streaming service holds the best lineup of original TV shows like Luke Cage, The Crown, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and much more. All you will require doing is just to cast your favorite content on the big screen.
  2. BBCiPlayer- Did you missed the new episode of Doctor Who or Bake Off? Well, you don’t need to take any worries, as you can easily head on to the BBC iPlayer app on the tablet or phone and stream it to your TV.  Now, there is no requirement to stream on the small screen when you have got the big screen on your side.
  3. Now TV- If you wish to take advantage of Sky subscription or Sky GO, but don’t want the Sky? Well, then Now TV is the ultimate solution to this concern. As Now TV renders everything that you wish for and also provide you the ability to pick up the different packages according to your choice and budget. And the service could not be one of the free services, but with the Google’s Chromecast you are not required to invest in a Now TV box to enjoy the classic service on the TV.
  4.  Wuaki.TV- This is the another movie or TV shows streaming service which is one of the best for streaming all the HBO content including Girls, True Detective, The Wire, and Game of Thrones. The service also gives you the facility to pay for the individual TV shows and films. It is always get updated with the exclusive movies.
  5. BlinkBox Movies- The tradition of movie rentals will soon come to an end, as the BlinkBox has come up with the service of permitting all the users to stream or download the content directly on your device easily. You can also head on to make the purchase of the films if you wish to purchase. Now, the app is also supported by the Chromecast Tv.
  6. YouTube Gaming- Do your children don’t get the enough Yogscast or PewDiePie? Well, then YouTube gaming is the best friend for your Chromecast. You can have the bunch of speedruns, plays, reviews, and endless streaming of the gameplay and game trailers on the big screen in the home through the phone. The traditional YouTube app required you to search for what you are looking for. But, YouTube Gaming provides a classic streaming of the new bunch of content directly on your Chromecast.