Advertising!! The Roku’s Biggest Business


Roku is making TV from last so many years and has sold over a million of units till date. We all are of the view that Roku is a earning its maximum revenue from their streaming devices and sticks. Company also has supremacy in software and hardware .there is a reason behind providing economical hardware to its customer and television licensees which is revealed by the Anthony wood, CEO of Roku Company.

You don’t know how they make money from other platforms. Now we will let you know the inside story. When you purchased it and license it further register with Hulu on Roku. They will get a part of money from customer signing in. Watching ad supported channels on Roku also add funds to the Roku account. Advertising our biggest business

When we talking of television based application delivery Roku does not see their one time suitor. It’s a threat for it. Amazon fire TV aims of providing best paid service at reasonable rents for their all customers in comparison to Roku.


Now, talking of licensing business we are leading others .licensing also plays a keen role in streaming devices and sticks. Without license we cannot use any of the product. When we compare with other in this business then we get to know that there are many reasons behind it which makes us superior to of the reason behind this is that we are moving forward amicably. Out of total sales of TV 30% of the TV’s are sold through the Walmart. The US people does not like to purchase it from Amazon. This is the reason behind not carrying Amazon TV’s by Walmart. Now if we talk of licensing then the competitor is google only, Apple does not license to they are our main competitor in TV market.