Smart TV’s new era


Here you need to check the amazing Quantum dot display technology plus amazing gifts you will get along with UA55KS9000 and UA65KS9000 models.

Beginning of the Quantum dot display era has been declared by the Samsung Electronics Co Ltd with the launch of latest SUHD TV line-up first time in Nepal. Best durability and extraordinary lasting picture quality is the best thing in Quantum dot display technology. Samsung SUHD has developed and adopted this. Yubeom Won (Vice President of Samsung India Electronics Ltd.) said, “For this year’s new SUHD TVs, we have implemented the second generation of Quantum dot technology with upgraded picture quality performance. In addition, we aimed to increase convenience for our consumers and developed the single remote that can easily control surrounding devices while improving the design to that effect.”

Moreover, Samsung added the increment in Quantum dot material’s efficiency plus also added improvement in its color mapping algorithm with ‘HDR 1000’ technology and a peak brightness of up to 1000 nit (unit of visible light intensity) to its range of SUHD TV’s. SUHD TV is also energy efficient in to allowing viewers to appreciate content in great detail.

We can also see the remarkable change in Samsung Electronics Smart TV service, Smart Hub which is powered by the Tizen OS allows rapid and simple navigation through content by intermixing various content such as broadcasting programs, internet video services and games as the default menu, all on single screen.

 “We are not expecting a large number of sales due to its high price range but are hopeful to get good responses from our target market as pre-booking inquiries have risen significantly.” –According to sources of company. Additionally informed that within 30 days consumers can get their products. From July 12 to August 12, you can pre book the UA55KS9000 and UA65KS9000 models. This will cost you Rs 4,19,000 (pre booking price) and best thing is that you will get a free Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone along with the well liked Samsung Gear VR and UA65KS9000 will cost you Rs. 629,000 (pre booking price), you will get Samsung Galaxy Edge and Samsung Gear VR along with this.