5 tips and tricks you should know about Netflix


The best streaming service in the town has already marked its place as one of the best streaming content providers. The best streaming content that you get with the streaming service is a known fact among all the users, even for the new ones too. The new ones, who are looking out to set up their account, they can navigate to www Netflix com Activate complete the setting up of their account. Well, the new ones might be aware that the Free Netflix subscription for one month is a trial package which you guys can use it for streaming the favorite content. Besides streaming your favorite content, there are plenty of tricks and tips to hack and customize your Netflix. Well, to get those tips and tricks, firstly download Netflix on your tablet, phone or PC and crack down these 5 tips and tricks.

  1. Setting up of multiple accounts– You can easily set up multiple accounts with Netflix. Most of the account don’t work, as you need the main interface. And to reach them, you should consult an online directory. With the ravishing deep sea horror movies to children’s movies, there is a lot more you can have with the streaming content provider. To get the better view of the other categories, you should download Netflix app.
  2. Editing your viewing history– Well, from the web interface, you can tap your account to the drop down menu on the top right corner to choose the viewing activity. There you will see a subsequent screen, which will reflect you what you have watched in the past so that you can easily remove the unwanted entries from the window. This will enable you to get the latest update notification from Netflix.
  3. Random episode view– With Netflix, it’s quite easy to view any random episode. With some useful browser extensions, like Nenhencer for Google Chrome, which is the plug in other categories, it adds the random episode button to the Netflix interface. If you can’t decide what you want to watch, then you can get a hand from the extension.
  4. Avoid online spoilers– The best browser plug-in for Netflix by Flix Plus for Google has got the trick to avoid the unwanted spoilers who might lurk somewhere to stream the content. It mainly adds links to review sites, which fades out the watched shows or videos. This will give you the prime feeling of watching Netflix tv without any unwanted spoiler.
  5. Access the hidden settings- We are back again with the extension of Google chrome. This time we have “Super Netflix”. Install the plug in and tap on the cog icon. With the tap, you can now easily adjust the video quality of your streaming content. As an extra feature, the extension also lets you access the custom subtitle files, and there you will find many other tweaks to try. You can get a better understanding if you download Netflix free app computer to get know more about this extension.