5 classy features you should know about your Roku

5 classy features you should know about your Roku

Are you enjoying the company of the entertaining streaming stunner? Definitely, there would be many satisfactory reasons we can count to praise this astonishing device in the market. With its qualitative features and services, the device has already pumped you guys to get this streaming stunner in your home to enjoy the entertainment in your style.  Even with stunning support from Roku com support, the device has delivered the best services for all the users in the market. The diverse category which includes Roku express, Roku streaming stick, Roku premiere, Roku ultra, Roku premiere+, and Roku tv, has actually done the trick to add new users in its feathers in the market. So, if there is any new subscriber to this astonishing device, then they can navigate to Roku com to get information regarding their new account. After reaching the site, the new user can setup their account with Roku set up, to get started to enjoy the amazing services of the device.

Well, besides having ravishing features and marvelous services, there are still many features, which you might be unaware of. This is the reason we are here to provide you the 5 best features that you should explore to get the experience of the best streaming content. Let’s unleash those 5 quality features.

  1. Casting– If you adore your best music, photos, and videos collection, then Roku is the best medium to get all your stuff on your Tv screen. So, you can share all your personal stuff with the help of this astonishing device. Be it your holiday destination clicks, wedding collection or fun video memories with your friends- all you need to do is to get connected with this amazing device to enjoy the best service. If you are still not connected with this amazing streamer, then you can go to roku com link to kick start your account instantly.
  2. Listening favorite stuff privately– This feature is the must one for all you guys who always wish to enjoy their personal playlist collection via headphones. You can easily listen to your favorite stuff with your headphones plugging into your Roku remote on your Roku ultra, Roku premiere+ and Roku 3 (4230). So, all the Roku lovers sitting out there, you can enjoy your favorite shows without disturbing your family.
  3. Searching option– Just imagine you want to watch something entertaining, but you are struggling to counter the best one to watch. You should drop down this problematic dream, as you have got one of the best streaming players. With Roku streaming player or Roku Tv, you can easily search down the latest entertainment stuff. And if you getting disturbed with the unwanted issues with your device, then you can navigate to your www roku com support to get the required assistance.
  4. rowser– How it sounds to you to move with the entertainment in your hand? Yeah, it would be an everlasting enjoyment for all of you guys sitting out there. The hotel and dorm connect feature is actually that feature which enables you to get connected with the hotel and dorm, to get the best streaming content. Just take your Roku streaming player, and enjoy the best streaming content on different HDTVs. You can even take the streaming player to your friend’s house to enjoy any favorite stuff. To use this feature, just use your Roku remote and your tablet, smartphone, and laptop with a web browser to connect to your Roku streaming player, now just sign in and stream your content.  Be sure that you have one of these models-  Roku Streaming Stick (3600), Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku 2 (4210), Roku 3 (4200, 4230), Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. These models only support the hotel and dorm feature.
  5. Mobile app remote– If you forgot or misplace your Roku remote in your home, then don’t worry, there is an ultimate Roku mobile app which is available for iOS and android users. The app provides an on-screen keyboard or voice search to control your streaming player effectively.