4 Common Problems And Fixes Of Amazon Fire TV.


 While accessing the digital media player, there are some of the common problems and fixes which can better your experience.

Fire Tv supportAmazon, best known as the king of the e-commerce, doesn’t only wish you to shop with it. The dynamic company always look out to come up with some next big thing. It has already predicted that the future is heading to the digital content. And the classic proof is the company’s Amazon fire TV.

The fire tv is about to subscribe the video services what the amazing kindle is to have the luxury of digital books. If you are willing to purchase a new TV show, you can easily do it with few button presses for example. The fire TV is also the finest way to stream the unlimited bunch of video content that generally comes as the part of the Amazon Prime subscriptions that the company usually sells.

To stay clear, all the Fire TV occurs because the device is quite aspiring. Amazon simply wills to render all kinds of entertainment options to the TV set, whether the content is TV shows, movies, and music. There are many apps in fire tv to get download with the fine support for having the new 4K resolution TV sets and a slot for loading the favorite photos.

Here is the breakdown of all the common problems and fixes which many fire TV owners are facing. With this breakdown, you will be easily able to fix out many common issues by your own.

  • Resetting of Amazon Fire TV- If you are one of the victims who is having a software issue that is hindering your fire tv experience, Amazon simply advises you to go for the soft reset option. This won’t remove your apps or the account, but it will surely give the device a fine opportunity to load up its operating system again and kick start a fresh experience.

Till now there is not any kind of button for resetting the digital media player. If your player is frozen or performing badly, simply pull out the power cable from its back. Just leave it for Amazon fire tvaround 40 seconds before plugging it back in.

  • Loading fire TV issues– Your Fire TV requires a stable and fast internet connection to load the TV shows, music, and movies from the Amazon services. You will need to configured your fire tv to access the Wi-Fi connection at the home when you set it up. If you are getting the trouble while loading up the movies and TV shows, then it could be an issue with the internet connection. Just try out to access the internet on the phone or laptop. If it works on another network, then reset the player by unplugging it for 40 seconds. Remember, that there is no such need to access your Wi-Fi network at all for the fire TV. The Ethernet port on the back side of the device lets it link directly to the router.
  • Replacing the remote- If you encounter the regular issues with your fire TV remote, you can head on to replace its batteries or can reset the settings of the remote. If still, the problem persists, you can replace the old one with the new one by heading to Amazon.
  • Turning on Closed Captioning- In order to turn on the closed captioning, head on to press the Menu button on the fire TV remote after loading up a TV show or movie. The button has the three horizontal lines on the top of each other.
  1. Unlock Subtitles and Audio
  2. Choose the Off button on the screen so that it shows
  • Now head on to press the Menu button to get clear of the Settings